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Post…! This sounds so cool!

I might, actually, if I manage to get a hold of a scanner :)

I was going through my grandmother’s box of old photos today and these are the highlights of my haul so far:

  1.  a 1962 pihoto of my grandfather looking like a Balkan version of Gregory Peck
  2. an undated photo of my dad looking like a pensive French director from the seventies, complete with dark thick-rimmed glasses
  3. a photo of what appears to be my mom’s first communion, where she looks like a magical fairy princess or a prettier version of bb!Jackie Kennedy.
  4. a photo of my grandmother sitting at a typewriter from, I’d guess, the late 1960s
  5. LOADS of pics of numerous office parties with the obligatory portrait of Tito on the wall, always in the upper left corner