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I’m back!

Managed not to get lost yesterday after all (although it was a close call at one point), so here I am.
There was sightseeing* (we were literally on our feet for 12 hours straight on Saturday), there was eating hummus and cheap Chinese and getting slightly tipsy in ruinpubs, there was holding entire conversations in movie quotes and going to see That Wes Anderson Movie (which I plan on seeing again for the purposes of extensive future quoting) and my group of university friends had a mini-reunion.

Most importantly, I laughed more than I have in I don’t know how many months.

Oh, and apparently Jude Law and 50 Cent were in town - alas, our paths didn’t cross.

(I may spam you with an anecdote or two in the following days, so be warned.)

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Tomorrow I’m going to The House of Hungarian Art Nouveau by myself. I’m going to get SO lost, I know it.


dont talk shit about my shitty country only people who live here can do that

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